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They Know His Voice

In John 10, Jesus talks about Himself as the Shepherd and us as His sheep. In the analogy of the shepherd/sheep, He explains that His sheep follow Him because they know His voice. In talking with other believers, however, I … Continue reading

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In Christ There Is No Jew or Greek…

This post is overdue by about a week and a half, but I think I’ll finally take the time to write it and see if anybody has any thoughts in response. On Sunday, September 18, my wife and son and … Continue reading

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On Creeds, Doctrinal Statements, and Orthodoxy

Here’s one sure to ruffle some feathers! But seriously, as always, I hope you understand my heart in writing these things and that you test anything I say and evaluate it for yourself. Recently, I wrote a post regarding “whisper … Continue reading

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Simplicity in Ecclesiology

How’s that for a formal-sounding title? It probably seems to most to be an oxymoron to use the word “simplicity” juxtaposed with the word “ecclesiology”. Ecclesiology is the study of things related to “church” (the Greek word translated as “church” … Continue reading

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The Selfishness of Human Nature

I want to get a few things off my chest. We here in America (and perhaps around the world, too) have been watching with amazement and horror at the events in New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast … Continue reading

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