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Amazing Quote

I subscribe to an email newsletter and a print newsletter from Voice of the Martyrs. It helps me stay aware of what is going on in other parts of the world where people really know suffering for the cause of … Continue reading

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Music in the Simple Church

I don’t really have time to deal with this topic in its entirety right now, so I’ll just tease you with it, and hopefully come back to it after the New Year and give some more of my thoughts. However, … Continue reading

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Is There Really a War on Christmas?

Anyone who lives here in America surely has heard the term “War on Christmas”. It’s all over FOX News and Christian radio programs. Books have been written about it, and it’s the new bandwagon to jump on. Well, maybe not … Continue reading

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Typepad is down

This probably won’t mean anything to most of my readers, because I use Blogger, but I exchanged some emails today with David Wayne (JollyBlogger) when I noticed that his blog suddenly lost the last week’s worth or so of blogs … Continue reading

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Christmas on a Sunday Spells Controversy

Well, a huge firestorm has erupted over the issue of churches cancelling services on December 25 this year. I’ve read a lot, commented on a couple blogs, and thought a lot about this topic before finally taking the time (more … Continue reading

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