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The Master Chess Player

I must tell you before even beginning this post that this is definitely a “thinking out loud” post. I’m not at all set on this issue, but decided to write about it in order to see what feedback my readers … Continue reading

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The Danger of Arrogance

Am I arrogant? Now, before my friends jump in the comments section to assure me that I’m not arrogant, let me clarify that this is a question that I am asking myself personally, and not posing to you, my readers. … Continue reading

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Myths About Simple Church

In the two years (or more) that my wife and I have been exploring simple church concepts, we have encountered several consistent objections and/or concerned questions about simple church. I’m not just talking about one or two times that these … Continue reading

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Multiplication Ministry and Maturity

There has been some great discussion in the comments section of my recent post about preaching/teaching and the resultant maturity of believers. While commenting over there, I had some thoughts that got way too lengthy for a comment, and so … Continue reading

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More on Teaching and Preaching — Hindrance to Growth?

As I continue to look at the role of teaching and preaching in the church, I continue to wrestle with some thoughts about the role that these two activities hold, if any, in our church experience. I have not definitely … Continue reading

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