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Some Closing Thoughts on the View of Scripture

The last two posts have generated some really deep discussion, and not a little discomfort on the part of some! For those of you who have participated, thank you for taking the time to talk through this topic. Ray commented … Continue reading

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More on the Proper View of Scripture

In response to my last post, frequent commenter Gordon Cloud wrote: I think that ultimately we must ask ourselves, “What is the Word of God?” Regular readers of my blog already know that one of the things that marks my … Continue reading

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What Is the Proper View of Scripture?

This is definitely going to be one of those “thinking out loud” posts. Let me set up the discussion with this information to bring my readers up to speed: The other day, there was a post on Pyromaniacs entitled How … Continue reading

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Cherry Cobbler and Simple Church

Last Monday (June 12) was our second wedding anniversary. Two years of being married to God’s gracious and wonderful gift to me named Christy. And to celebrate our anniversary, we were blessed enough to have the opportunity to get away … Continue reading

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1 Corinthians 14:26 — Descriptive or Prescriptive?

In a recent post on Spunky Homeschool’s blog, the subject of house church came up. The comments section (viewable here) sparked some interesting discussion (still in progress) between myself and several other readers. Spunky gave me permission to “hijack” her … Continue reading

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