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Thoughts on Sound Doctrine

Well, I’m finally taking the time to post my thoughts on the recent discussions here. Again, I would like to thank each of you who contributed to this discussion. There have been some really good comments made, and some good … Continue reading

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Reading Comments from the Main Page

One more quick blog format note, and then I promise I’ll get back to the substantial topics on the table. (No, I’m not avoiding the topics, I promise! I’m just sometimes very much a geek when it comes to stuff … Continue reading

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A New Look and a Simple Church Video

Forgive me for changing the look of this blog so soon into my new life here on this WordPress format. I hadn’t taken a huge amount of time to look through available themes (aka templates) before launching the new home … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy…Starting a New Thread

I’m going to do something a bit odd for this blog. I’m going to start a thread for discussion without posting too many of my own thoughts about the topic at the start. In the recent discussions we have had, … Continue reading

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But What About Those Mormons?

Well, I didn’t quite realize what fun we would have with the last couple of posts. And I certainly didn’t realize that my “short list” would get such an interesting response! But I would like to try to address some … Continue reading

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