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Election: Individual or Corporate?

Blogging buddy Brad over at Broken Messenger has been doing some defense of Reformed Theology. Brad is a great guy to have discussions with because he understands disagreement without having to label his dissenters as heretics. So, I feel safe … Continue reading

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I want to apologize for the lack of writing, and even of responding to comments right now.  I do have several posts bouncing around in this head of mine.  However, the next week and a half are going to be … Continue reading

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Without Getting Too Specific…

I feel like there are things I want to say about the latest “fall” in evangelical circles. But I’m not even sure where to start. I have made one decision, however. I’m not going to mention names here or link … Continue reading

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Seeing the Big Picture in Scripture

I still haven’t figured out where I fit into the spectrum of postmodernism, emerging church, etc. To be honest, I’m not in any hurry to find out where I fit, but sometimes it makes me curious about who all I … Continue reading

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