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…and all I can say is, you had to be there! I wanted to write a post about it, but I have no words.  It was just awesome. Raborn, Erica, Lisa, David, Freida, Tom, and of course my lovely wife, … Continue reading

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The Thoughts of God

Sometimes, verses of Scripture take on a whole new meaning when read in context. It’s amazing to me how we can read (or hear) a verse for years and gain some meaning from it, but then a fresh reading will … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Interviewed

My wonderful blogging buddy, Gordon Cloud, has interviewed me on his blog.  I realize that in the absence of genuine posts on this blog here, it’s not necessarily nice to write a post only to point you to someone else’s … Continue reading

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The Bible as Textbook

As most of you know, Christy and I are homeschooling our son. I’m not ready to make the claim that homeschooling is the right choice for everyone, but for us, it definitely was the right choice. One of the challenges … Continue reading

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All of a sudden, the posts have all been technical posts about this blog, and very little of actual substance in line with the name “Theological Musings”! So, I’ll just drop this quick update on here as an “aside” and … Continue reading

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