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Giving in to Peer Pressure (aka Five Things I Love about Jesus)

The title of this post is completely tongue-in-cheek, by the way! Since I have gotten tagged several times for the same thing, I feel like I better finally get around to participating! John Smulo started it (although he mercifully didn’t … Continue reading

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Eye-Hand Coordination

This evening, on my way to the evening performance of the latest show I’m music directing, I caught a brief snippet of a sermon by the late Adrian Rogers on the radio. He was talking about various spiritual gifts in … Continue reading

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Manipulation in the name of Christ?

It has recently been brought to my attention that I lack discernment. It has been demonstrated that I lack the ability to carefully read someone’s post and see what they really are saying. I choose to believe what I choose … Continue reading

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Do the Words of Jesus Apply?

It is not the general nature of this blog to speak on political events or idealogies. However, from time to time, I find myself compelled to address certain things of a political nature from a Christian perspective. Sometimes that results … Continue reading

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Speak It, Or Live It?

Wayne Jacobsen at Lifestream Blog recently posted on an issue which has been batted around some here on this blog. His post is entitled “Where Is Your Doctrinal Statement?” and is in response to a question he received via email. … Continue reading

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