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Special Music Offer for Theological Musings Readers

As I mentioned in a recent “Personal Update” post, I have purchased the rights to my first two CDs from the label that originally released them. And in conjunction with that, we are re-releasing those first two CDs with all … Continue reading

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WCF and Its View of Scripture

In the past, we have had some discussion here on this blog about the Westminster Confession of Faith. In a recent question about bibliolatry raised on Kamp Krusty (a very insightful and quite humorous blog), I got into a discussion … Continue reading

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How (Not) to Judge Someone’s Orthodoxy

Several times in the past, the subject of orthodoxy has come up on this blog. And quite honestly, I’ve taken a lot of flack over my hesitancy to write some people off as being “heretics”. This evening, while perusing some … Continue reading

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Ex-Pastors Gone Wild

Cheesy title for this post notwithstanding, I find nothing amusing or cute about an AP news article that was released today. When the news about Ted Haggard’s resignation amidst confessions of “sexual immorality” broke last year, I opted not to … Continue reading

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More Than Meets the Eye

It’s no secret that one of the very natural tendencies of humankind is toward legalism. And it’s no secret that Christians face the temptation quite often to become legalistic. Even when we attempt to explore liberty, we run the risk … Continue reading

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