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Thoughts on Unity and John 17, Part 2

A long time ago (in blog terms), I started talking about John 17 and unity (here and here). It seems that the subject of unity has popped up on a number of blogs that I read, and I wanted to … Continue reading

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You Might Be Misrepresenting God If…

In the spirit of that great theologian, Jeff Foxworthy, I present to you some rambling thoughts in my head, all completed by the phrase “you might be misrepresenting God”… If your message is not filled with hope, you might be … Continue reading

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What a Wonderful Day

For those of you interested in following our adoption possibilities, you will want to read my latest post on Love Each Child.  We are rejoicing at the work God is doing.  And as you will see by that post, the … Continue reading

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Losing My Voice

No, I’m not talking about getting laryngitis. I’m just referring to the lack of motivation I have had to post on this blog lately. I’m not entirely sure what it is. It’s not really apathy. It’s not because I don’t … Continue reading

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Need Help Reconciling Two Passages

This is a serious question being posed in this post, and is not meant to imply any attempt to stir anything up. I’m asking sincerely because I honestly have no clue what the answer is. I hope somebody can shed … Continue reading

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