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Some Personal Experiences

In the fascinating discussion regarding healing, Scott asked for some first-hand experiences. I have been reticent to share the following experiences because they are personal. Yet, I think the time is right to include them in the discussion as my … Continue reading

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More About Miracles, Thorns, and Job’s Theology

There have been very interesting discussions taking place both here in the comments on this blog and over at Scott’s in relation to the recent posts Scott and I wrote. I have been away from my computer for most of … Continue reading

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Miracles — Primarily First Century?

In response to my “You Might Be Misrepresenting God” post, Scott Roche and I have been engaged in what is turning out to be the continuation (no pun intended, Scott!) of an unfinished conversation from earlier in the fall. Scott’s … Continue reading

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Oh, No…I’ve Caused Someone to Stumble!

Way back in early March of this year, I created a small bit of controversy in what resulted in the heaviest traffic this blog had ever seen. On one day (March 7), I received 396 page loads. (For those of … Continue reading

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