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The Unfortunate Side-Effects of the Doctrine of Inspiration

I tried to come up with a less-wordy title for this post, but simply couldn’t.  I considered replacing the word “unfortunate” with “unintended” because I really do think what I’m about to discuss is completely unintended by those who hold … Continue reading

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Does “All” mean “All”?

I was typing a comment on a friend’s blog that ended up getting quite lengthy. I thought it might be more appropriate to post it here on my blog instead of clogging up his post with such a lengthy comment. … Continue reading

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Oh, Was It Easter?

It’s been a long time since I posted on here (last July, I think, so almost nine months).  And the title of this first-in-a-long-time post is meant to be  somewhat tongue-in-cheek. The reality is that I was fully aware that … Continue reading

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What Would You Say?

Saw this tweet from a church pastor that I know personally.  This makes me sad on so many levels, but I will refrain from offering commentary on it. Just am curious what thoughts any of you have in response to … Continue reading

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Does a Concept of Faith Blame the Victim?

In the most recent episode of “It’s Really That Simple” (the podcast that my lovely wife Christy and I co-host), Christy and I talked about our thought of simplicity in trusting God.  If you have a half-hour free, I’d encourage … Continue reading

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